The Loft Life - Loukas Morley from James Murray-White on Vimeo.


Loukas Morley is a Cambridge-born creative, who has always wanted to base himself and his artistic life here, with a studio and workshop. Growing up on the edge of the City with a love of trees, he is a self-taught crafter, who started collecting timber from the street, often on his bike. After a degree in Interactive Arts from Newport School of Art, finishing in 1995, Morley has explored multi-media arts, making films, photography, and large-scale painting using a range of materials, before returning to his first love, working with wood, and crafting tables, beds, and decorative work from found or donated timber.


The Loft Life is a style brand, incorporating a range of lifestyle products. This is starting with simple and elegant furniture pieces that lend themselves well to an urban, eclectic lifestyle.

Future products will include unique artworks……



Morley says of his work:

 "Wood is a forgiving material: any mistakes in working it are fixable, and most woods have a sensual, tactile quality to them - I appreciate the grain, the textures, smells and colours inherent in wood. Being in woods and forests nurtures me: I love planting trees and being around them.

I’m aiming to bring the outdoors inside, and create a sense of nature through these furniture products, connecting the owner to both a living part of the world, and my natural brand."

Please do get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!